About Chris

Looking for clear market space? Take a walk with Chris.Me in brief? I’m a writer and marketer. Among the UK’s most experienced, thanks to a decade at top-10 global ad agencies across Asia and Europe. Work revolves around technology and financial clients; leisure interests include adventure travel and extreme sports.

Agencies I’ve worked with include Ogilvy & Mather, Leo Burnett, and TBWA, where clients included IBM, American Express, SAP, Singapore Technologies, BMW, France Telecom, Marlboro, Tesco, Michelin, and Oracle. I also work with content marketers and brand consultancies on a project and retainer basis.

Looking for that 360 degree view? Call Chris.

Today, my niche is “the hard stuff”. Campaigns, copy, and content given extra oomph with modelling and analysis smarts learned on a big-name MBA. I find mixing hard numbers with softer insights leads to killer concepts: ideas that stay solid when you knock ’em.

Other prose includes an essay series that reached 300,000 people, a Special Letter of insider’s newsletter SNS for 10,000 C-suite execs, a travel site that hit 500,000 pageviews in its first month, and a short fiction site with 3000+ members. I also write thriller fiction as Mark Charteris, sci-fi shorts as Ted Bann, and nonfiction (including the 100 Days, 100 Grand book, work and book blogs, and articles on Medium and LinkedIn) as myself.

My life philosophy

It’s ninefold. Collect the set:

  • Live free of compromise; be beholden to no-one.
  • Own few things, or they start owning you.
  • See the world as it really is, even when it hurts.
  • The only person who can get anything done is you.
  • Dismiss that which does not matter.
  • Everything that happens to you is your fault.
  • If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.
  • Never have anything you couldn’t walk away from in ten minutes.
  • Wahey!

On the road

The open road. I can help drive your sales and profits, too. chris@chrisworth.com.Cities I’ve worked in (for a year+ each) include Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, and London. Markets I understand include Greater China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Western Europe and North America.

My favourite part of the world is the American Southwest; some of my happiest hours have been spent on Route 66 with classic rock for company. A close second is Southeast Asia: every city has a story, with food and culture to match. I’ve also travelled far and wide in Europe, Australasia, and North Africa.

Off the page

Chris is an HKC kettlebells instructorWhen daytime turns to playtime, I’m a qualified skydiver and SCUBA diver who also enjoys boulderingsnowboarding, and the close-combat art Krav Maga. Staying in shape means progressive calisthenics and hardstyle kettlebells (I’m a certified PCC and HKC instructor); the best gym is your own body.

Chris is a PCC progressive calisthenics instructorAs an ultra-minimalist, everything I own would fit into a car, everything I value into a small backpack. (Basics are my laptopKindle, and Radius toothbrush: all else is negotiable.) These days, the things that matter most – ideas, knowledge, literature – cost little and weigh nothing. (My favourite quotes are down with the principle too.)

In the head

Big sky and a broad outlook. That's your marketing strategy. Visit chrisdoescontent.com.Philosophically I’m an Objectivist, adopting the set of rules for life defined by moral philosopher Ayn Rand. That makes me a libertarian (small ‘l’) – valuing a small state with strong individual rights and high social and economic freedoms.

Interests span physics, economics, politics, physics, literature, architecture, personal development (obvs), business strategy, and all things tech. Like most copywriters, I’m also fascinated by the human condition, with a strong interest in how cognitive biases shape our behaviour.

For some reason I also know far too much about shipping containers.

On the shelf

Soaring prose that'll give you a rush. Chris does Content.Favourite writers?  Hemingway, KerouacWolfe, Duke: the Lost, the Beats, the New and the Gonzo. (And of course Mark Twain‘s in a class of his own.) Only one magazine matters: the Economist.

On plane & beach I prefer thrillersJohn LeCarré, Elmore Leonard, and hidden gems like John D MacDonald. (I tend not to read anything until it’s a few decades old; letting Time decide greatness isn’t cheating.) All inform my own indie authoring.

As for sci-fi, it’s hard SF, never SFF or F. (Fantasy and Science Fiction are NOT the same thing.) That means Greg Bear, Neal Stephenson, and anything edited by Gardner Dozois. (If you think sci-fi’s pap, read his annual anthologies for a sense of how breathless the genre can leave you).

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What they say

Sir Martin Sorrell, former CEO of world-leading advertising group WPP: “Chris’s essay ‘Click, click, you’re dead’ focusses the mind – and makes all of us think about where our agencies are going.” The articles he referenced were sent to his top 300 managers globally and won me a judge’s spot at the One Show Interactive, advertising’s Oscars.

Mark Anderson, publisher of the subscription-only SNS Newsletter read by over 10,000 technology and venture capital executives, said: “Those who have already read or met Chris know that he has the kind of very quick intelligence that you’d want in your own creative director – not just someone to pitch you new campaigns, but someone with an incisive understanding of what makes people tick, why they should buy your stuff, and how this all fits in with larger technical, cultural and demographic trends.

Jean-Marie Dru, former Chairman of another global ad group TBWA\, said of a speech I wrote for him: “I will say this three times: creativity is still here, it is still necessary, and it is still everything we do – including this speech!

Miles Young, former global CEO of ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, said “Chris’s work didn’t so much reach our inboxes as make them explode – and it’s his kind of thinking we need more of.

Neil French, legendary creative director and former global creative head of top-10 ad agencies Ogilvy & Mather and Young & Rubicam, said: “Chris is a visionary web thinker…. and he’s too smart for this gig.” I later presented at his Asia Creative Directors’ Conference in Bangkok.

Mark Taylor, former Dean of world-ranked Warwick Business School and a former MD of investment firm BlackRock, had this to say to a gathering of MBAs in London: “[Chris said] something that made me think tonight – that Warwick is the business school for mavericks. It’s something I plan to think about more deeply.

John du Cane, CEO of North America’s top fitness publisher Dragon Door (and the guy who introduced kettlebells to the USA) kept it succinct: “Chris Worth is one helluva writer.

Chris Locke, author of seminal web screed The Cluetrain Manifesto and once named by the FT as among the world’s Top 50 business thinkers, said “Chris Worth says it all, and says it smarter and better than anyone I’ve ever read – this is where the web is going.” (I’m mentioned in the book.)

Duncan Collins, who co-designed the UK’s Investors in People standard and Business Growth Training working with Ministers in the British Government’s Cabinet Office: “Chris is the best writer I know – he can write copy that sells straight off the page!

Neil Goulder, who acted for HRH Prince Charles as CFO of the Prince’s Foundation said: “Chris has an incisive and inquiring mind that goes far beyond marketing – and is certainly the best copywriter I know in London today.

And that’s me. Now based in London, I’ve lived and worked in six countries, and the travel bug never seems to fade. Contact me here.