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Chris and AI

Embodiedness. Emotion. Experience. Involvement. Even when AIs become sentient (they’re not) their experience of the world – and therefore the creativity they can apply to it – won’t be human.

critical assessement; creative concept; humanity and warmth and flair. AI can’t do these things – yet. But with the right prompts, it can be the greatest research assistant ever known.

Provide training data for your AI. Precise content I write for clients unfiltered by committee consensus – straight from my mind.

Write precise prompts. GIGO (Garbage In means Garbage Out) applies. After 20 years communicating what people wanted to say, Creativity and verve.

Writing about AI applications. If you need to persuade the C-Suite your application of AI means business success, I can make that case.

Mo’betta copy. I can write the core model, and it’ll have more humanity and depth than anything your AI can produce. But I can also use AI to leverage that content. Writing 10,000 paraphrased CTAs (calls to action) so you can A/B split test like never before? That’s AI.

The metaverse is a desert, NFTs are a bust, blockchain has broken and crypto is a den of thieves. We don’t have warp drive or eternal life in perfect health (yet). But we do have AI, and it’s getting smarter every year. The future is here. Let me help you be part of it.