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The “How to do” book series

The How to Do series

How to do Freelancing

How to do Life

Ranging from strategies for staying healthy to nurturing your intellect and the right things to learn, “How to do Life” takes the same approach as the author’s much larger guide to effective freelance working, “100 Days, 100 Grand” – not abstract platitudes, but actual methods and models you can apply to your own actions and decisions, starting today.

If your life’s not what you want – here’s how to change it.

How to do Healthcare

BLURB: What’s wrong with healthcare? Why does it cost so much, even when it’s free? Why does it make you feel you’re a nuisance to be dealt with, rather than a customer to be satisfied? In “How to do Healthcare” 100 Days, 100 Grand author Chris Worth explodes multiple myths about the medical-industrial complex . . . with a plan for solving its problems forever.

How to do Welfare

BLURB: Mandatory means-testing. Exclusionary social policies. Endless loopholes and hoops to jump through. In most countries, Welfare is a mess that doesn’t even help who it’s supposed to. In “How to do Welfare”, author Chris Worth applies ideas from his workbook for freelancers “100 Days, 100 Grand” to research a sustainable solution to poverty . . . and finds the answer in an unexpected place.

How to do School

BLURB: Crowded classrooms. Cluttered curricula. Overbearing authorities. Pedagogical paralysis. Pre-18 schooling is a mess the world over, dominated by government groupthink’s vague notions of “society” when what matters is the individual child. With data from around the world, 100 Days, 100 Grand author Chris Worth proposes a fresh model for education driven by what matters above all: teaching children to think.

How to do Housing

BLURB: All over the world, hardworking people are priced out of homes where they want to live – and it’s seen as a “failure of capitalism” needing “tighter regulation”. But with governments everywhere exerting ever-greater control over what you can build, how you can build it, where it can go, and – incredibly – who can live in it, it’s hard to see “more government” as the answer. In “How to do Housing”, 100 Days, 100 Grand author Chris Worth sets out a solution to the most basic of problems: affording a place to call home.

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