Claim your £1,000 of free marketing resource

I’m Chris Worth and I’m a copywriter based in London. If you clicked a web ad, saw my postcard, or had an offer letter, you’re probably here for your £1,000 of free copy and content writing. Here’s how to get it …

Marketing carries endless choices. Where to go. How to get there. And who to share the wheel with. That's where I come in. 07876 635340.

£1,000 of free marketing services

Caught in the maze of copy? Call Chris for your escape plan.… if you’ve got a voucher code, contact me using this form, quoting the code. (If you reached this page by web ad or LinkedIn, it’s R66.) Or just contact me direct on chris[at] Terms and conditions** are below. We’ll talk about the work you want and its outcomes and timeline. Once those are agreed, we can go ahead – and your £1,000 will be credited to your first invoice.

Why people use me

Feeling locked in by your marketing? Call Chris Worth.I’m among the most experienced copywriters in the UK
 – in ten years overseas with top-10 global ad agencies I created over 200 campaigns and programmes across Asia and Europe. Clients included IBM, American Express, Singapore Airlines, France Telecom, Marlboro, Argos, Vodafone, Oracle, and Tesco.  But what I bring to your customer journey is something extra…

… a deep understanding of business modelling and marketing strategy. My sweet spot is those complex and detailed briefs common in the technology and financial sectors – briefs that either don’t get outsourced (and lead to jams inhouse) or need the smarts of a top agency (and a million-plus budget.) Here’s a list of what I do:

What’s the catch?

Marketing driving you up the walls? Chris does Content can help.There isn’t one, really. If this sounds too good to be true, look at it from my perspective: it takes 3-6 months and many days of sales work to turn a prospect into a regular client – and once I win a client, it stays with me forever. (Some names on my roster have been there for over a decade.)

Offering a £1000 discount voucher lets me get to know the most interesting companies faster – and give them value straight away.

Contact Chris

Marketing success is on the horizon. Get there with Chris.You can reach me on 07876 635340 or chris[at] I’m looking forward to starting my journey with you.

* Based on agency / consultancy recharge rates for Senior Creative / Information Architect / Business Analyst of £750-2000/day.

** Conditions for voucher redemption: vouchers must be redeemed within 12 months from date of sending by booking a single project for a single client not later than 12 months from this date. (Actual project may start later at my discretion). Minimum project size and marketing spend per year may apply.
Vouchers may be redeemed against Chris does Content invoiced fees only; no third party costs are covered and Chris does Content decides size of project in terms of time required. In the event of overbooking, Chris Worth has sole authority on scheduling and prioritising; in general the rule is first come first served.
One voucher per customer. Vouchers are non-transferable and may be used only once in redemption of fees for a single project. Vouchers may not be split across multiple projects nor combined for a single project. Vouchers have no redeemable cash value, nor will credit be given if designated project is below £1000 in fees.
And yes, this means I’m potentially giving away £1m of services over the next year. But that’d also make this the most successful campaign in DM history, so it’d be a nice problem to deal with. Questions? Contact me.