Rate card

Unlike most copywriters, I post a rate card, so clients can get an idea of costs. No, I’m not the cheapest option. But if you think professionals are expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.

Day rates

However long the journey, my rates are in lockstep with your budget. 07876 635340.My single-day rate is £995 (+VAT). For bookings of 3 days and up, a discount of 20% (£796+VAT) applies. Expenses will be charged for travel outside London and for any third party costs agreed. For new clients, payment terms are generally upfront; Euro and US dollar rates are available for clients in the EU and USA.

Day rates are the way to go if you know the scope of your project and need someone with a bit more oomph than a standard ex-agency copywriter: it works for one-off ads or mailings, brochures, plain prose, or web copy.

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Project fees

If you're taking a leap into the unknown, call Chris does Content.For projects where you’re not sure of the resource req but know it’s going to be longer than a few days, I sometimes work on a fixed project fee. Risk is shared, with the upside that you know what to budget for upfront.

A project-based fee is useful for large web builds, content buildouts, research projects, or developing big-kahuna marketing strategies with many moving parts.

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Retainer rates

Feeling locked in by your marketing? Call Chris does Content.If you’re looking for a marketing resource capable of handling multiple projects over a period of months (the way I prefer to work) a monthly retainer of £2,750-7,500 (+VAT) gets you a set number of days each month for your business, giving you the resources of a small marketing department for a cost lower than a single FTE.

Retainer rates are for clients needing ongoing campaigns, projects or programmes that need a set of actions completed every month.

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