What does Chris do?

Ready for a fast journey using the contents of a backpack? Call Chris does Content.Three things: killer copywriting, information architecture, and data analytics. Frequently in the same brief. Here’s the full story on each.

Killer copywriting

Everything I do comes down to the plain declarative sentence, whether the brief’s for a single-execution ad or a CRM programme going to three million customers. (Developed over a decade with top-10 global advertising agencies in Asia and Europe.) I write with three things in mind: sound, scenery, and structure.

Information architecture

The structure of a website or app drives its design. Drawing on experience at startups and web agencies building sites of 750+ pages, I build my information structures with three ideas in mind: organising principles, navigation design, and content strategy.

Data analytics

Not every brief needs motivating messages matrixed with a multivariate analysis  …. but if it does I can whomp it up; I’m trained in over a hundred research methods and statistical models. It involves data modelling, predictive analytics, and actionable insights.

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