My research papers and articles, some in collaboration with the UK’s Warwick Business School, have reached audiences of over 300,000 people, starting with a series of essays written in Asia and Europe and still quoted years later.

Rapide Thought Bubbles

I wrote over 20 articles, called “Thought Bubbles” by Rapide (the Moments of Truth company.) The series explores various marketing concepts from fresh perspectives. Here’s a taste.

Rapide research paper

Many papers exist comparing the performance of one software application with another. In this research report I wanted to explore a more realistic scenario – how Rapide’s customer feedback analysis software performed against the most common method of analysis in the real world:  employees doing it manually. Here’s the paper.

SNS Special Letter

The Strategic News Service (SNS) is one of the tech world’s most respected newsletters. The subscription-only weekly is read by (in publisher Mark Anderson’s words) “the top managers at companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and Dell, as well as by leading financial analysts at the world’s top investment banks and venture capital funds, including Goldman Sachs, Hummer Winblad, Venrock and Warburg Pincus.” Over 10,000 of them. In August 2003 I guest-wrote an issue (known as a Special Letter), an event that takes place just a couple of times a year. Here are a few snippets.

The Click Click essays

This sequence of essays on marketing and the Internet were written over several years, reached an audience of over 300,000, and won me an award from WPP head Sir Martin Sorrell. Here they are in their original PDFs.