Some of the stuff I’ve done just doesn’t fit anywhere else. Here are some mostly-private projects and initiatives I’ve kicked off over the years.

How to do freelancing

My shorter book on freelancing is a simple 48-pager covering all the basics of indie working. Here’s the story.

Thriller fiction: Two Birds

00_2birds_100pxI write a bit of thriller fiction under my pen name Mark Charteris. Two Birds is a short novel featuring protagonist Gabe Rayner – the first business consultant action hero! Here’s the cover art and download links.

How to ace the GMAT in 28 days

Like most MBA students I had to ace the GMAT exam first, and kept a log of my month’s experiences practicing and correcting myself on both the Quant and Qual sections and essays. Several thousand people have since found it useful, so I’ve collected the entries here.

SAP outdoor banner

This was a HUGE outdoor banner on an electronic billboard in Singapore. Here it is.