Scorch London

A London creative agency wanted to position itself as more than just ads and art. Over a year I produced a series of mini-brochures and research pieces around this ethos – which is also my personal manifesto! Here’s the complete brochure as a PDF (2.1Mb.)



Getting big insights from small data


One data point is an event. Two are a series. Three are a trend.

And sometimes, three’s all you need.

While we at Scorch like quantitative research and nerdy number-crunching as much as the next creative agency, Big Ideas in advertising don’t always need Big Data. With teh right approach, a thin dataset or sparse information doesn’t have to limit your understanding. Far from it: it can point you in a new direction, freshen your knowledge, enable innovative campaign ideas.

It’s called anecdotal research. Interesting questions, creatively researched, and intelligently answered. it doesn’t skimp on the analysis part: our approach uses econometric and statistical methods rarely seen outside seven-figure advertising budgets. But that’s what brings the fun in: you see everyday facts and figures from a completely different angle. Which is, of course, where true insights tend to hide.

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