IBM RS/6000 Asia and Europe

I wrote several campaigns across print and online media for the Southeast Asia and Western Europe markets. IBM’s RS/6000 server was the aggressive big-boy box as the web unfolded across the developing market for high-end web servers, and the voice I adopted was selfconfident and pushy.

RS/6000 tandem print and banner campaign

This print and banner campaign ran in tandem across magazine and website media. Running in some of Asia’s most-read English-language newspapers, the campaign was seen by an audience of over 2m. Here’s the campaign.

RS/60000 tactical banner campaign

This more tactical banner campaign ran across Europe in several languages, playing off both the RS/6000’s role in the server room and the broader IBM e-culture campaign. Here are the banners.

RS/6000 “Thunking” print campaign

The infamous Southeast Asian “Thunking” print campaign. Three print executions in newspapers contrasted one unpopular activity among IT guys… with the subtext of a slightly more popular one. Here’s the campaign.

RS/6000 blue banner campaign

This UK banner campaign was for a technical audience. IBM’s UNIX box is tough enough for today’s enterprise, but lacked mindshare; these banners ran on sites frequented by CIOs. Here’s the banner campaign.

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