Equant launch campaign

The IP/VPN spin-out from France Telecom rebranded as Equant. I was involved in a range of activities across print and the web, rolling out the same brand concepts in a variety of ways. Here are a few of them.

Equant brochures

Equant’s new branding continued into offerings brochures, following the ‘Equant Answers’ concept I created. The copy was technical – and needed to be – but I kept it free of clutter. Here’s the campaign, complete with PDFs.

Equant launch site

When the newly-branded and spun-off Equant launched its own website, the “What’s Next?” positioning broadened to the all-purpose (and phonetically interesting) ‘Equant answers‘, which I took into postcards and DM too. Here’s the launch site.

Equant postcards

This postcard programme in Europe pushed actual offerings each month to a database of 3000. There were 9 executions in total. I liked the copy here; each postcard was a micro-case-study and the wordplay worked without being annoying. Here’s the programme.

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