Chelsea Arts Club posters

Britain’s prestigious Chelsea Arts Club, a gathering of the country’s best artists and creatives, commissioned a series of inhouse posters advertising a newly-published art book. A pleasant bit of fun with my art director Oliver. First idea to final execution took under a day, with the copy blazing out in under an hour. Here’s the PDF version.

Head: Art is free as in speech, not free as in booze

Copy: The Body Clothed in Art Catalogue isn’t free. But it is cheap. You can pick up the 152–plate limited–edition, with an intoxicating foreword by Will “Nat Tate” Boyd, for just a tenner. (Less than the cost of a round. Around here, anyway.) So make your way to the office and pre-order today. Don’t forget, it’s polite to get one in for your friends too.

Head: Remember the days of free sex

Copy: The sixties are over. (For many of us, in more ways than one.) But in these days of rising costs, there are still bargains to be had. So even if you don’t qualify for a free bus pass, wander over to the office and pre-order a copy of “The Body Clothed in Art Catalogue” for just £10. It’s a limited–edition of 152 plates, with foreword by Will “Love Machine” (or “Nat Tate”) Boyd. You’ll soon feel the love…

Head: There’s no such thing as a free lunch

Copy: The limited–edition “Body Clothed in Art Catalogue”, with foreword by Will “Nat Tate” Boyd, is just £10 if you pre-order at the bar, sorry, the office. About the price of a round of Lattes or a really posh sandwich. And it contains a lot more plates than you’ll get in any lunch joint — 152 to be exact. Feeling hungry? Be one of the first 300 covers by pre-ordering now.

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