American Express mailers

In Singapore I wrote a number of IMC mailers for American Express, highlighting the delights of its Membership Rewards programme. Here are a couple of them.


Copy reads:

Head: Taste 4,000 years of Chinese culture with just 4,000 Membership Rewards points.

Copy: For more than 4,000 years chefs in China have flavoured their dishes with the tastes and textures of their regional homelands. Creating great Chinese cuisines like Shanghai and Sichuan. And now you’ve built up 4,000 Membership Rewards points, you can enjoy one with a $40 dining voucher towards a meal at the Goodwood Park Hotel’s Min Jiang Sichuan, Chang Jiang Shanghai, or Garden Seafood restaurants.

To get your $40 voucher, call us on 392 3460 on the 21st, 22nd, or 23rd of August. The voucher’s valid from 1st September to 30th November. Enjoy!


Copy reads:

Cover: Give a child the gift of knowledge this Christmas.

Inner cover: Nurture a lifelong love of learning with as few as 5,000 Membership Rewards points.

Copy: You know that books make wonderful gifts for children – because they’re gifts of knowledge. But searching out the best books isn’t an easy task. So we’d like to help.

Subhead: Enrich a child’s mind with words of wonder.

Copy: Your Membership Rewards points can be exchanged for a set of children’s books that will fill young minds with wonder. (Choose from two sets.) Or if you’ve already done your Christmas shopping, treat yourself to a year’s worth of Reader’s Digest magazine instead.

Subhead: Two children’s atlases for 5,000 points…

Copy: The Children’s Atlas of the Twentieth Century and the Children’s Atlas of Natural Wonders. Two volumes spanning the Wright brothers’ first step to Armstrong’s giant leap, Everest’s icy summit to the ocean’s inky floor. Knowledge so broad and deep it’s incredible it fits in just two books. But it does, and for just 5,000 points your child can have it. A fantastic offer.

Subhead:…while 7,000 points lead to four books of fantastic facts.

Copy: Speaking of fantastic, your child might like the Facts Fantastic set instead. Watch young mouths gape as bedsteads fly over covers. See bright eyes gaze into black holes on centrefolds. Make youthful hearts beat faster as tiger sharks feed frenziedly on other pages. And listen to the excited chitchat as vampire bats flit from chapter to chapter in search of fresh blood. Your children can read and digest all four books for just 7,000 points.

Subhead: Or treat yourself to a Reader’s Digest subscription with 6,000 points.

Copy: Perhaps you’ve already done your Christmas shopping. If so, treat yourself to a year of leisure reading with a subscription to the Reader’s Digest. The Digest’s editors know the world’s about more than sun, earth, sea and sky. They know it’s about people – whether those people scratch rubber out of trees in the Amazon basin or shunt billions on Wall Street, whether they built pyramids centuries ago or software companies yesterday. And you can enjoy its vividly written, concisely edited stories all year and get a free tote bag for just 6,000 points.

Subhead: Just call 1800 299 1997 from now until the 18th of December.

Copy: Whichever you decide on, please request your voucher soon, on 1800 299 1997. Because you can only call from now to the 18th of December. So call now and enrich some young minds this Christmas.

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