IMC campaigns

A brand is a personality; to be likeable that personality has to look and feel authentic and consistent across multiple media and executions within each campaign, talking with the same voice wherever you hear it. That’s what Integrated Marketing Communications means. Here are a few IMC campaigns I’ve done.

Scorch London

scorchFrom an open brief, I conceived and wrote a series of research pieces for now-defunct ad agency Scorch – including this brochure taking a different approach to the marketing process. It’s also close to my personal manifesto! Here’s the brochure.

The Gentle Dentist

blouse_1When a London dental surgery wanted to engage the gay community, we decided to take a light-hearted approach to a matter most people would rather not think about. Here are the campaign executions.

Chelsea Arts Club posters

Britain’s prestigious Chelsea Arts Club, a gathering of the country’s best artists and creatives, commissioned a series of inhouse posters advertising a newly-published art book. Here’s the campaign, which took under a day door-to-door for brief, idea, and execution.

Equant launch campaign

The IP/VPN spin-out from France Telecom rebranded as Equant. I was involved in a range of activities across print and the web. Here are a few of them.

IBM e-business brand campaign

In several years at the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather I developed marcomms for IBM’s global brand and various business units in Southeast Asia and Western Europe. These campaigns and interactive spots were written in Singapore and Paris. Here they are.

IBM First Connect campaign

The First Connect brand in Asia was launched before I hit the Singapore scene, but it soon rolled out into multiple executions across the newspapers, several of which I was responsible for. Here’s my bit of it.

IBM ThinkPad print ads

IBM won many government procurement contracts across ASEAN. To trumpet its reliability as a supplier, we ran an ad announcing a win… then one year later, ran the same ad as a visual in another. Here are the ads.

American Express mailers

In Singapore I wrote a number of mailers for Amex’s Membership Rewards programme, sent to several hundred thousand cardmembers. Here are two of them.

BMW seasonal mailer

As part of a Christmas advertising push in Singapore, I wrote this mailer to sync with the print campaign’s aspirational feel. Here it is.

RS/6000 brand and tactical campaigns

Over a period of three years I wrote a LOT of campaigns for IBM’s industrial-strength server – across two continents and multiple media. Here are a few of them.

Discovery Channel print

Many IMC campaigns cover different audiences; this one for cable channel Discovery had to reach both consumers (driving interest in taking up subscriptions) and cable companies (interesting them in adding Discovery to their basic package.) Here are both executions.

Iomega brand campaign

iomega_juicerThis concept never made it into print when Iomega was a client, but everyone liked the idea: household objects transforming floppies (remember them?) into the then-huge-capacity 100Mb discs of a Zip drive. And no headline or logo. Ah, those were the days. See the posters.

Lotus Software print campaign

A long time ago I wrote for Lotus before its absorption by IBM. But I still like this print campaign I wrote all those years ago. Here it is.

IBM the…solution campaign

An early campaign – one of the first I wrote! When Big Blue rebranded I worked on its first-ever truly global advertising campaign, based on big blue words. These three executions were where I varied the concept a little. Here are my executions.