IA/application design

Information architecture sounds hard, but it’s just a structure for the idea – the way everything’s organised, which boxes connect to which arrows and how all the moving parts interact. Big wallcharts abound. Here’s how I do it.

Rapide Communication

 The Rapide site was a sizeable work of information architecture. I was responsible for the core IA, including complete infrastructure design (5 content templates within the CMS) and many custom innovations including a set of “managers” allowing administrators to maintain single-version-of-the-truth sets of content sitewide and display selections from each on a per-page basis. Here’s what it looks like.

Marlboro After Dark

After Dark was a flagship customer experience site. Innovations included a 3D cityscape concept (which could be ‘flown’ through, years before Google Streetview!) and time sensitivity (the cityscape darkened in accordance with the customer’s time zone.) These images are not clickable to protect client confidentiality. Here’s the plan.


Corrobbo was a database-driven teamwork and workflow application designed to do one thing: keep ad agency teams on the same page. Basically, it’s the manila folder or ‘job bag’ owned by the project lead, but in a place where the right people can see it. But making it that simple took a year of work. Here’s the plan.