Rapide Service Desks White Paper

Customer feedback experts Rapide wanted to approach Service Desk professionals with some fresh ideas for making best use of the data they (often) already collected.Here’s the PDF (3.3Mb PDF.)


Executive Summary

Inhouse or outsourced, many Call Centres rely on the same simple metrics, such as handling times and call-completion rates. Such “hard” measures allow effective cost control and resource planning – yet today’s Service-Level-Agreements increasingly look for “soft” outcomes like brand values and emotional experience. Outcomes that are far harder to measure.

So how can Call Centre Managers drive business improvement, when the information they need to do so isn’t in an easily quantified format? This Rapide Thought Bubble looks at the rich non-numerical data end-customers provide as part of any Call Centre interaction… and how it can be analysed and acted upon. Using nine basic ideas, Call Centres can:

– Reduce resourcing requirement by 30 days/yr
– Cut customer complaints by over a third
– Achieve response rates of 35-90%
– Increase volume of debt collected by 4x or more
– Increase customer satisfaction scores by 50%
– Leverage 75% greater insight  than human analysts alone
– Drive £1m/yr in incremental revenues  with a single process change

To learn how – even when the Call Centre is thousands of miles from the Head Office – read on.

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