Rapide Emotional Loyalty

Emotional Loyalty was the subject of a Rapide paper given out at the Loyalty World Exhibition and featured in The Guardian newspaper. Here’s the PDF. (1.4Mb PDF).

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Executive Summary

Loyalty schemes work well for tracking purchase patterns and allocating bonuses. But true loyalty requires something extra: an understanding of the emotional bond your customer has with you, and the actions you should take to develop it positively.

In this Thought Bubble, we explore how Rapide’s technology uses the concept of Moments of Truth to define when a customer’s emotional bond with you can benefit most from positive action. From experience spanning 12 years and over 500m customer interactions, it uses real customer success stories to demonstrate:

– How some moments matter more than others;
– How those moments are identified by enabling customers to respond in natural language
through their chosen channel;
– And how large volumes of resulting data can be aggregated, analysed, and used for
insight – all while enabling the customer to be treated as an individual.

Rapide supports its ideas with solid results from working with over half of the FTSE, including response rates rising from 18% to 52% in the utilities sector, incremental revenues of £1.2m for a hotel chain, and other examples from hospitality and retail.

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