Rapide Anti-Social Media

Moments of Truth company Rapide commissioned a White Paper on a key message: once bad news hits the blogosphere, you’re lost. This paper compared the 96% of customers who’ll never complain to you directly to the 95.7% of people within one Standard Deviation on a normal distribution, and demonstrated how important the other few percent may be to getting your message out. Here’s the paper (2.26Mb PDF.)

Executive Summary

Several commentators claim Twitter and blogs aren’t the right media for interacting with customers, since 90% of your audience doesn’t use them. These commentators have drawn the right conclusion – but from the wrong premise. Rapide, the Moments of Truth company, believes it’s not about users vs non-users … but about forward-looking vs backward-looking. 19 out of 20 customers won’t communicate in any way before they fall out of your orbit forever – so basing your customer feedback strategy on looking for the 20th is like gazing permanently in the rear-view mirror. How can marketers keep their eyes on the road ahead instead?

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