CS/copy & content

Content strategy is all about deciding what you put into your information architecture that’s readable by humans – themes, subjects, words and pictures. An outline of headlines and wordcounts early on can focus a whole programme of activity, enabling space to be booked and resources to be allocated. Here’s some of the content marketing I’ve done over the years.

How to do freelancing

My shorter book on freelancing is a simple 48-pager covering all the basics of indie working. Here’s the story.

100 Days, 100 Grand

100 Days, 100 GrandMy 1,200 page, 280,000 word textbook for freelancers is the result of 20 years’ experience and three years’ work. Here’s more about it.

Infographic: the changing face of PR

changing_face_of_prA top UK inbound marketing agency asked me to partner on a campaign of nurturing content for expanding their own footprint with the technology and media clients they work with. I was responsible for all copy. Here’s the piece.

Why you need to add PR

why_add_pr_1One of various nurturing blogs for a Midlands agency bringing interested PR clients into the content marketing frame of mind. Take a look.

Turn your pain into a campaign

Get_to_know_inside_out_1A database consultancy outside London used my content ideas and copy for a number of nurturing blogs and PDF papers, awakening clients to the idea that client data isn’t a cost to be managed but a resource to be leveraged. (Please note full content isn’t available here, since it’s the property of the client by agreement.) Here’s a look.

Oracle Eloqua: Beyond Clicks

beyond_clicks_1Eloqua, a unit of database giant Oracle, kicked off a content marketing campaign with this piece about marketing automation. Here’s the article.

Combine Public Relations and Content Marketing

combine_pr_and_cm_1This Midlands agency asked for a piece of content that illustrated the common ground between public relations and content marketing. I was responsible for all copy. (Please note full copy’s not available since the PDF is their property by agreement.) Here’s a taste.

Rapide 10 Ways whitepaper

rapide_10ways_telephonyAimed at telephony providers, this White Paper came up with 10 ideas for leveraging their products and services out of Normal profits into value-add supranorms. It’s again with Rapide, the Moments of Truth company. Read more.

Rapide Retail Sector ideas

12ways_retailThis thinkpiece for Rapide focussed on the High St, and how retailers can gather and use customer feedback in fresh ways. Here’s the page.

Rapide Service Desks

rapide_service_desksCustomer feedback experts Rapide wanted to approach Service Desk professionals with some fresh ideas for making best use of the data they (often) already collected. Here’s the piece.

Rapide Emotional Loyalty

Emotional Loyalty Emotional Loyalty was the subject of a Rapide paper given out at the Loyalty World Exhibition and featured in The Guardian newspaper. Here’s the paper.

Rapide Utilities whitepaper

 Rapide, the Moments of Truth company, commissioned a piece bringing together its work in the utilities sector and drawing the common ideas into a single theme. Here’s the whitepaper.

Rapide anti-social media

Moments of Truth company Rapide commissioned a White Paper on a key message: once bad news hits the blogosphere, you’re lost. This paper compared the 96% of customers who’ll never complain to you directly to the 95.7% of people within one Standard Deviation on a normal distribution, and demonstrated how important the other few percent may be to getting your message out. Here’s the white paper.

Rapide narrative brochure

Moments of Truth company Rapide wanted to bring all its technologies, from text analysis to broadcast SMS, together in a coherent narrative. I wrote a “story” of a lone traveller’s journey across the USA, engaging with various mobile technologies along the way. Here’s the piece.

Equant brochures

Equant’s new branding continued into offerings brochures, following the ‘Equant Answers’ concept I created. The copy was technical – and needed to be – but I kept it free of clutter. Here’s the campaign, complete with PDFs.

Argos Buyers’ Guides

Over two years I researched, wrote, and planned the IA and CS of eight web-based Buyer’s Guides – designed to co-exist with Argo’s existing website, cross-connected to the main navigation with icons and text links. Take a look.