Unilever Dove broadband

The first broadband campaign in the Netherlands was a CRM programme too: a double first, as part of Dove’s move towards a younger audience. I wrote it as an A/B split to research whether broadband users would respond more to images or text.




Split A

Separated by days, the programme narrated a ‘diary’ written by a Dove user, with web forms and invitations to complete an email address at intervals. Further communications to the same user over the week gave personalised responses based on information provided, with the end result being a sample pack.


The graphical split programme had a range of executions in various sizes.




Split B

The textual programme invited users in earlier, but the resulting offer was the same.


Note how the user’s name is used in the second execution to build surprise then comfort without asking for further details too early in the relationship. In later executions the user was asked for his/her email and offered a sample pack.

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