Perrier’s Billion Bubbles

To mark the millennium, I designed a web-based CRM programme for Perrier’s bubbly mineral water. Rather than a website, the concept extended across multiple media sites – giving people the opportunity to collect bubbles by rolling over and clicking pup-up ads.

The opening screen also popped the corks for the client.The programme remembered each user, and prompted them to offer more information at strategic points in the programme – asking them to deepen the relationship only when they felt engaged.

Media included the sites of France's top newspapers.Completely self-driven, each user was drawn deeper into the programme as he/she built up bubbles towards the magic billion and prizes. Scattered around media sites were hidden rollovers – like this Perrier bottle. If clicked, it led to the sitelet.

The game included "experience points" to keep people playing.The initial reward was a big ‘win’ of bubbles the user has ‘liberated’ from the web. The user was then asked to click over to the competition page.

Other features like a shark-for-hire added interest.As the user got further into the programme – winning bubbles after ‘finding’ them across the web, keeping them safe from ‘bubble killers’, and so on – they were invited to complete email, name, and address details, turning their relationship with Perrier from faceless stranger to known advocate.

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