Circle newsletter programme

The Circle Partnership runs several hospitals on behalf on Britain’s NHS. Some 3000 staff were the audience for this 15-month CRM programme: two monthly newsletters and a monthly mini-case study showcasing the work of the Nottingham Treatment Centre. I executed the programme solo, from initial concept to researching and writing stories, gathering monthly clinical statistics, and distribution. Readership rates were 28%-32%.

Monthly newsletter

This series of newsletters had a purpose: to get a largely-NHS staff on board the idea of working for a privately-operated hospital contracted to provide NHS services. The programme ran for 15 months and was a one-man show: I researched, wrote, art-directed and even handled some photography. Here are a few.

Monthly round-up

At the end of each month a round-up gave updates on each of the 8 or so stories in the month’s newsletter, to give recipients a sense of how things were moving as the new hospital shook down its practices and procedures. Here are some examples.

Monthly case study

Over a two-year period I researched and wrote over 20 mini-case studies on various aspects of the Nottingham Treatment Centre’s practice. These were shared widely within the NHS, including as part of a visit by Andrew Lansley (later the British Government’s Health Minister) and some 6 NHS Trusts on fact-finding visits; statistics clearly taken from one were overheard on  BBC Radio 4 show! Here’s the set.

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