CRM programmes

CRM means Customer Relationship Management, and it’s the art of turning a series of contacts with people into a managed conversation over time by increasing your share of mind and share of spend with that individual as they move along the sales funnel. Here are some I’ve done.

Findlay Media events

findlay_1Findlay Media, a publisher of magazines for engineers and designers, holds regular events for its audience. This 8-side rollfold marketing brochure inviting over 10,000 engineers to a two-day conference featured an impossible machine that got these nuts ‘n bolts types talking. Here’s the rollfold.

Circle newsletter programme

Over two years I executed a rolling monthly programme of newsletters and case studies for healthcare partnership Circle, reaching 3000 staff with over 60 pieces attaining readership rates of 28-32%. Here’s the programme.

Equant postcards

This postcard programme in Europe pushed actual offerings each month to a database of 3000. There were 9 executions in total. I liked the copy here; each postcard was a micro-case-study and the wordplay worked without being annoying. Here’s the programme.


The opening screen also popped the corks for the client.To mark the millennium, I designed a web-based CRM programme for Perrier’s bubbly mineral water. Rather than a website, the concept extended across multiple media sites – giving people the opportunity to collect bubbles by rolling over and clicking pup-up ads. The programme remembered each user, and prompted them to offer more information at strategic points in the programme – asking them to deepen the relationship only when they felt engaged.

Unilever Dove

The first broadband campaign in the Netherlands was a CRM programme too: a double first, as part of Dove’s move towards a younger audience. I wrote it as an A/B split to research whether broadband users would respond more to images or text.

American Express mailers

In Singapore I wrote a number of mailers for Amex’s Membership Rewards programme, sent to several hundred thousand cardmembers. Here are two of them.

BMW seasonal mailer

As part of a Christmas advertising push in Singapore, I wrote this mailer to sync with the print campaign’s aspirational feel. Here it is.

Singapore Airlines mailer

Singapore Airlines Cargo is one of the few airfreight divisions offering a door-to-door facility, and this mailer – to an audience of freight forwarders around Asia/Pacific – introduced the service. Here’s the piece.