The Web Practice

Naturally I wrote the site for my team of techies and creatives, The Web Practice. Based on our own build of CMS infrastructure, the site and brochure divides the team’s services into 9 areas of interest to professional clinicians.


Patient choice is now policy. And to offer patients that choice, clinicians need to be online. The Web Practice is a team of marketers and technologists helping clinical professionals make the most of the web. An award-winning creative duo backed by database programming and web design experts, we build your marketing capability from initial idea to fully-formed website and beyond… letting patients and referrers find you, contact you, and direct the referral process your way. Here’s how it happens.

First, scale economies let us offer you a £25k website at two-thirds discount. (Our clients include Circle, Europe’s largest healthcare partnership – whose partners enjoy an additional subsidy of £2,000.) That website then acts as your marketing infrastructure for other communications programmes and content. From subscription-based email campaigns to interactive video walkthroughs, your site can support it. A cutting-edge Content Management System means you can add 1 or 1000 pages to your site, at zero cost, in a few clicks – with all the images, video, audio, slideshows, and other content you want.

The Web Practice is London-based but conversant with over 75 PCT areas including those that outsource referral management. If you’re a consultant, GP, dentist or optician wishing to maximise your participation in £240m of self-pay, £350m of PMI, and £18bn of “any willing provider” spend this year, please sign up to our mailing list or contact us today.

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