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When this business consultancy relaunched its services – diagnostics and training roadmaps for small- to midsized-businesses – I wrote over 5,000 words across all sections of its site, spanning 12 core pages and a further 60 content chunks.


Head: Run a Good Business using Affordable and Effective Help


What does Runagood do?

Helps business owners and managers measure their performance against companies in the same sector – then puts together learning plans, practical modules, and hands-on expertise to make them perform even better. It happens in six parts, and the first step is FREE.

All from £3 per day

Find out how it works by watching our short video.


Head: Business Performance Improvement


Every business is different. But all share common areas. There are just five: Marketing, Operations, Finance, Systems, and People. Your Business Dashboard helps you cast a critical eye over how you’re doing in each.

Marketing is more than advertising. It’s the sum total of everything you do to sell products and services to customers, from the first cold call to aftersales service. Learn whether you’re winning repeat and new business … in the right ratios. Get a grip on marketing.

Operations are what make you “you”: it’s “How we do things around here.” And all those processes and procedures, formal and informal, need to mesh together or you’re wasting resources. See if you’re a smooth operator.

Finance covers all the numbers: order book and weekly-sales-outstanding, cash flows (and blockages!) payroll and turnover. Some simple actions can make a big difference to your spreadsheets. Get the inside track on finance.

Systems are your business’s backbone: everything from computer software to construction hardware. How do you know if they need sharpening up … or if they’re ready for the scrapheap? Take a look into your systems.

People matter. And managing them can be a pain in the neck. But attitude, aptitude, knowledge and skills can all be managed for best results – if you know where to start. Get the drop on your staff.

Runagood’s “Five Dials” give you an at-a-glance view of how you’re doing against other small businesses in your sector… for each area. Take your Dashboard now.


Head: Six strategies to guide your business development


If you’re in business, you know the six big questions.

Exit: how to sell your business for a solid profit

Recovery: how to come back from the brink and rebuild

Growth: how to get new customers, and win more repeat business

Lifestyle: how to stop working 24/7 and get your life back

Effectiveness: how to solve the jams that block up your business

Diversify: how to future-proof your business by entering new markets

Runagood has the answers. Not the talk-and-chalk of classroom theory, but practical tools and tactics that get the job done.

Ready? It all starts with your FREE Business Dashboard.

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