Business Wealth League

I wrote all the copy for this networking group’s customer-facing website and a further 60+ pages (including information architecture) for its members-only training resources section, totalling nearly 100 pages.


Homepage copy:

The Business Wealth League is not like other networks. It’s an online community focussed on building the capital value of your business – from finding and keeping customers, to improving your finances, to making people and systems more productive. But how?

The answer: by helping you answer the big questions for yourself. Where you are, where you want to be, how you get there – and how you measure up against your competitors. The methods to do it have been developed over decades, now formalised as a set of easy-to-use diagnostic tools, resources to plan your actions, and practical methods to go further and faster towards greater business value. A treasure trove of know-how for less than the cost of a daily coffee.

Intrigued? Read about what you’ll get in Services, then register as a member to access numerous easy-to-use diagnostic tools and modules in the key areas of: Marketing, Operations, Finance, People, and Systems. (The only things any business needs to master.) Membership starts with a simple £1 donation to charity. Apply to join the Business Wealth League here.

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