100 Days, 100 Grand

The site for my upcoming book 100 Days, 100 Grand, a guide for freelancers to define their offering, market themselves, and turn initial projects into longterm retainer-based clients.



Going freelance? Re-entering the workforce? Looking to change jobs? Or just want more from life than a commute and carriage clock?

100 Days, 100 Grand is for you.

In the book that’s set the independent sector abuzz, London’s uber-freelancer Chris Worth takes you on a 100-day journey to the start of true wealth: earning a £100,000+ annual income from your professional skills, whatever they are.

With precise instructions and task lists for each day, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get paid 3-6x more than others doing the same job
  • Create an £8,000/mth revenue stream in 90 days
  • Build not one, but TWO £350,000 business assets… in twelve weeks
  • Find the 1,000 companies that need you – without cold calls
  • Launch ultra-personalised marketing campaigns… in a day
  • Win customers 10-20x faster than even pro marketers
  • Turn 1 in every 2 one-off projects into monthly retainer fees of £1,000+

Whether you’re a high-powered MBA hitting the job market or waiting on tables for a living, this book takes you through the series of steps that’ll define your real value to companies… then connects you with your market and build a client roster with a book value of over £700,000.

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