CMS websites

My sites are built on a few principles: a structured information architecture, flexible Content Management Systems, and a consistent copy strategy. Here are a few sites I played a big part in.

100 Days, 100 Grand

100days_100grandThe site for my upcoming book 100 Days, 100 Grand, a guide for freelancers to define their offering, market themselves, and turn initial projects into longterm retainer-based clients. Here’s a screenshot.

Costa Decoration

A small but fun project was to write a site for a London painter and decorator. Yes, I do take on smaller projects – if they’re fun! About 3,000 words from a copy plan. Here’s a look at the site.


virtualstockA site for an innovative software company in the retail software space, with my design partner 6F4. The company connects Product Information Management and Order Management Systems together without the joins showing. I handled initial IA, CMS specification, and copy editing sitewide. Here’s a look at the site.

Gabe Rayner

rayner1As a Kindle indie publisher, an author’s website is key. The site for my business consultant action hero Gabe Rayner is based on WordPress with a custom Cascading Style Sheet. Here are some screenshots.

Lewisham Indochinese Centre

LICCA site for a charity centre providing services to London’s Indochinese community. A principal requirement was for multiple languages (English and Chinese) with an easy toggle between the two. Images and video are shared between the two parallel versions. Here’s how it looks.

Shaun Matthews

shaunmatthews2Another Web Practice site, this time for an oral and maxillofacial surgeon based in London. A requirement for a large media section led to a focus on easy-to-use image and video carousels in an active, splashy design. I was responsible for all information architecture and wrote over 40 pages of healthcare copy. Here’s the site.

Runagood Ltd

runagood1This site for a consultancy that’s helped over 10,000 small businesses spanned 12 core pages and over 60 content chunks in sequence. Here’s the result.

Rapide Communication

 This site was for Rapide, the Moments of Truth company. I planned the initial information architecture and content elements ready to take on a fresh design, and also wrote around 20 case studies to a planned content format for the new site. Here’s what it looks like.

Nicholas Boyle

Another Web Practice website – this time for top gastrointestinal surgeon Nicholas Boyle. I designed the information architecture (45 pages over 8 sections) and wrote most of the copy sitewide. Here’s a sample.

Levy Heart Health

A website for a client of my team of techies and creatives, The Web Practice. Dr Levy is an eminent consultant cardiologist in Manchester. I handled initial needs analysis, information architecture, and substantial chunks of copy and content. Here’s the site.

The Web Practice

Naturally I wrote the site for my team of techies and creatives, The Web Practice. Based on our own build of CMS infrastructure, the site and brochure divides the team’s services into 9 areas of interest to professional clinicians. Here’s what it looks like.

BWL website

The Business Wealth League, a networking club for small businesses, hired me to write all the copy (totalling over 100 pages) for its customer-facing and members-only websites. Here’s a sample.

Investor Dynamics

The site for media tracking and analysis consultancy i.d  took a lot of writing – one main site plus two subsites for its products, a total of 15 customer journeys multiplied by 3 industry sectors. I wrote all of them.


Circle is Europe’s largest healthcare partnership. In 2009-2010 I rebuilt an 11-page brochureware site into a 400-pager backed by a custom CMS. Here’s what it looked like.

Fallout New Vegas Tour

A custom blog site based on a real-world tour of locations in a bestselling XBox game. I wrote 30 pages and approximately 13,000 words of copy.  The site gained over 200,000 pageviews and 21,000 video downloads in its first eight weeks. Here it is.

Espresso Stories

Espresso is a database-driven fun site for budding authors. The idea: write a story in 25 words or less, assign it a genre, then let people vote on it and see if it bubbles to the top of a Top 100 list. With pageviews of up to 150,000/mth, over 2000 registered authors, and some 6000 bite-sized stories published, it’s added some fun to the days of many thousands of people. Here’s the site.

Redpump Ltd


Just for a laugh, here’s the site I built for my former trading name, Redpump Ltd. While largely a static site, it was ahead of the game in some ways – using CSS the way it’s supposed to be used (with cascades for styles and colours that let me update the palette without changing a pixel of layout) – and harboured one of the web’s first business blogs, driving monthly pageviews of 130,000 at its peak. Here are some shots.

Equant launch site

When the newly-branded and spun-off Equant launched its own website, the “What’s Next?” positioning broadened to the all-purpose (and phonetically interesting) ‘Equant answers‘, which I took into postcards and DM too. Here’s the launch site.

Global One

When France Telecom’s IP/IT consulting organisation (initially known as GlobalOne) started forging its own identity, it asked for a catchy brand idea that would work across print and web. The idea I gave them, later rolled out into campaigns, Q&A applets, and email marketing, was “What’s next?” – a simple invitation to interact that led the customer to and through the experience. Here’s the site.