On the lookout for solid marketing? Email Chris.My niche as a copywriter involves three things: killer copy, information architecture, and data analytics. That means I do more than write; I research, analyse, and produce insights too. Inside and outside big agencies, I’ve created over 200 campaigns and programmes with this trio – from single-shot print ads to database-driven web applications and 1,200-page textbooks. Take a look.

IMC campaigns

Integrated Marketing Communications means thinking about your marcomms as a whole, rather than as separate broadcast, print, and web. True IMC is about using each media in the way best suited to it. I’ve developed IMC for several sizeable marketers. Here are a few examples.

CRM programmes

CRM means Customer Relationship Management, and it’s the art of turning a series of contacts with people into a managed conversation over time by increasing your share of mind and share of spend with that individual as they move along the sales funnel. Here’s some of the CRM I’ve done.

CMS websites

My CMS/web work spans everything from information-driven sites for individual professionals to complex 750-page web applications backed by custom Content Management Systems. Here are some snapshots.

CS/copy & content

CS/copy & content is where I put the words into an information design, the “content strategy”. Here’s a set of content where I was responsible for both structure of the creative work and the content within. Take a look.

IA/application design

IA/app design covers my work on the two things that matter most in information architecture: organising principles and navigational structure. Simply, which boxes connect to which arrows and how all the moving parts interact. Here are some of mine.

UX/customer strategy

Some of my work hasn’t involved words-to-audiences at all: it’s been on the user experience side, mapping out customer journeys and planning the outcomes at key touchpoints as they progress from suspect to prospect to customer. Here are a few.


My research papers and articles, some in collaboration with the UK’s Warwick Business School, have reached audiences of over 300,000 people, starting with a series of essays written in Asia and Europe and still quoted years later. Here’s a list.


Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I’ve given a number of talks across the public and private sectors, including Europe’s largest healthcare partnership and Warwick University’s business school. Here they are.


Some of the stuff I’ve done doesn’t fit in any category. Here are some of the projects and initiatives I’ve kicked off over the years.