Undecided? Check out my competitors…

You can ask for references, review portfolios, check academic credentials… but ultimately working with a copywriter is a subjective choice: it’s got to feel right.  If you’ve decided I’m not right for your requirement, thanks for considering me… and to help you find that perfect fit, here’s a list of web-savvy creatives whose work I like.

Peter Wise is London based, and combines succinct wordplay with strong SEO skills. His background includes big names like Saatchi, Ogilvy, and Wunderman, and I enjoy his blog. (Even though he doesn’t like the word “content”.) His site is Ideaswise.com.

Alistaire Allday has a clean and stylish site from which flows copy for a rainbow of clients from sailboats to carpets; unlike most copywriters he got his start in journalism rather than advertising. I think he missed a trick not naming his business “Copy All Day”, though. His site’s at Allday.cc.

Kevin Mills is one of those grizzled pros who’s been delivering for decades; while he’s had proper jobs with agencies like Lowe, much of his output stems from his freelancing years. His approach is one of good humour and gentle honesty, with a bit of room left for whimsy. Here’s his site: kevinmills.carbonmade.com.

Dean Turney is another strong-on-the-blogs copywriter. While there are plenty of sites in his book, I see particular skill with advertising’s centuries-old stalwart, the double-page-spread of a good old print ad. He’s also owner of the prized domain londoncopywriter.com.

Sarah Turner is one of those all-too-rare creatures in the UK, a female freelance copywriter. Her niche is smaller-to-midsize companies, and she seems to spend a great deal of time getting to know them – her portfolio sounds like they’re all personal friends. Her business is TurnerInk.com.

Jim Morrissey, who sounds like he ought to be in a band and may well be, specialises in SEO copywriting – one of those extreme-detail people who look at text structure and layout right down to your ALT tags and link positioning. His site’s at Copywritingforweb.com.

Nigel Graber of Mightier-Than is another copywriter you’d check for joy buzzers before shaking the hand of. If humour without sarcasm is your thing (humour WITH sarcasm is of course more my style; it’s easier) check out Nigel. Here’s his site: Mightier-Than.com.

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