9 reasons to use me

Marketing from its heights... to its depths

The decision to use an outsourced copywriter is yours. And you’re spoilt for choice: there are plenty of great wordsmiths around. So what matters beyond the words?

These nine points cover it. And spanning diverse sectors in global markets, my client list would agree. (I’ve done more of this stuff than most.) Here are nine things to look for when sourcing a writer.

Big-agency experience. Fewer than 1% of working copywriters have a background on the world’s biggest marketing accounts in global advertising agencies. I’ve worked for three of the world’s top 10 across Asia and Europe. Whatever your project involves, I’ve probably done it before.

An interest in the relationship. All business comes down to acquiring and retaining a customer. Mine stay with me for years on end and remain friends forever. I look at your business as a three-year growth curve not a one-off project; I’m interested in your business beyond the deliverable.

That London thing. Based in the global business capital, I’m constantly competing for briefs – keeping my skills sharp enough to play the game at top rank, all the time, where creative gets done better than anywhere else. You get a writer immersed in the world’s most competitive market.

Starting with a concept. In commercial prose people engage with your ideas, not your words. So turning prospects into customers takes more than informative copy; it involves communicating an idea. Making sure even the shortest headline is driven by a campaign concept is second nature to me;  your work gets delivered with the experience of 200+ creative campaigns.

Academic and analytics smarts. I “get” Big Data, with training in over a hundred research methods and models. (I’m one of few creatives packing an MBA from a top b-school.) A sound theoretical basis makes the practice more solid – and lets me deliver outcomes based on real business insight … not random ideas. You get creativity with critical thinking. 

An understanding of strategy and structure. I’ve handled information architecture projects spanning thousands of pages and dozens of use cases. Letting me handle complex projects with a methodical approach uncommon in those who write single-page ads. Use me and your work gets created within a broader strategic framework.

Deep technical knowledge. Technology, software, and communications are the innovation drivers and competitive differentiators of any business today; if your writer doesn’t understand how your information infrastructure connects with customers, he’s got no business being in business. Use a writer who understands how tech gives you an edge.

Proper business experience. I’ve run a P&L, know how hard it is to make a payroll. I never forget that before I get paid, someone else had to earn it. Building your sales and profits is the only scorecard that keeps me employed. So everything you get answers the business case as well as the creative brief.

And not least: an interest in the world beyond. I do words, but I know economics and finance, cognitive biases and the human condition. I read a lot, but I fight bouts and jump out of planes too. To keep your ideas fresh, you have to live life on a large canvas. Having broad interests lets me create campaigns and content with unusual depth.

These are nine things to look for when you’re sourcing a copywriter. And they’re rarer than you think. There’s a £1000 offer if you’re interested in trying me out. Let’s talk.

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