Hey, Googler!

Need marketingware whomped up, scribbled down, snipped into shape? I’m Chris Worth, freelance copywriter with a focus on STEM. (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics.) I already work for a few Googlers. And I’d like to work for a few more.

(Yes, because you’re a big name doing interesting stuff. But also because the Googlers I’ve met, from London to Mountain View, are great people I get along with. And my basic belief about business is: people buy stuff they like, from people they like.)

UPDATE: next trip to New York 16-21 Feb 2020.
8th@15th folk: email now and schedule a coffee?
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I’m known for “the hard stuff“: deep-diving those briefs on mobile comms, app ecosystems, cloud computing, web infrastructure, semiconductor architectures, artificial intelligence, aerospace engineering, and other cutting-edge stuff most creatives don’t have the stomach (or physics) for. Then snapping together campaigns, copy, and content that appeal to the right audience, in the right way. Nothing that’ll win flashy creative awards (been there, done that); just no-nonsense prose that drives understanding and connection. Y’know, stuff that works.

I’ve done it for names like Microsoft, American Express, Singapore Technologies, SAP, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Airbus, France Telecom, Oracle, and of course Google. First with top advertising agencies (Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, TBWA) then freelance since 2000 or so. (Yup, I’ve been around a while. But I’m still having fun.)

In between times, I’ve authored a 1,200-page textbook (arguably 16 books) and slotted in an MBA from the UK’s top-rated Warwick Business School. I’m also a trained freefall parachutist and SCUBA diver who juggles with kettlebells for kicks, but that’s not the point here. (Just giving you the big picture.)

But here’s what I’m not. I’m not a “thought leader” or “business guru“. And definitely not any kind of “ninja“. I just enjoy writing good stuff, for good people. Which, for most clients, is all they need.

Google gets a special rate. If you’re in New York or Mountain View, I’m a seasoned traveller (worked in Asia and Europe for a decade) and already on the Global Supplier Portal (as my LLC, REDPUMP LTD) with form W-8BEN filed and NDA signed. So all you have to do is issue me a PO. Find me as:

Supplier Name: REDPUMP LTD
UK Company number: 04296949
UK VAT Registration Number: 778 6184 72

To talk over your brief, contact me here. Looking forward to it.

Stay awesome,