All you need

Big sky and a broad outlook. That's your marketing strategy. Visit ultra-minimalist lifestyle is neither easy nor painless. It requires focus, resolve, a constant attention to detail, and most importantly the skill of letting go. It’s about asking yourself a question – Do I Need That? If So, Why? – many times a day. But once you’ve got it, the freedom and agility your life gains is awesome.

Here what I think I could live with. Not quite Jack Reacher, with only a toothbrush and a billfold in his pocket, but it’ll fit into a midsize backpack.

– Hot laptop (currently a MacBook Retina) with a lot of movies, music, games, and TV shows you might get around to watching someday 

– Kindle with large library of classics

– Phone

– Camera with a big zoom

– Pocket-sized backup disk

– Cables and connectors, global adapter 

– Leatherman Wave multitool


– 6 black T shirts

– 3 pairs of Levis: 1 x black, 1 x blue; 1 x lightweight summer pants

– Berghaus non-hoodie

– Levi’s short coat – smart enough for day, warm enough for cold

– 9 sets of socks and underwear to include 1 x cycling shorts, 1 x running shorts, sports socks

– 1 pair of smart black leather walking shoes, Church’s or Cheaney

– 1 pair of casual shoes, velcro and canvas

– 1 pair of lightweight running shoes

– Towel

– Sheet sleeping bag

– Drawstring bag for laundry/2nd bag backup

– Knife. Fork. Spoon.

– Radius toothbrush

– Mach 3 razor and blades

– Factor 50 sunscreen, abrasive skin rub, good moisturiser

– Resistance bands for workouts

– Roll of kitchen paper towels (you never know how useful they are until you do it)


– Small Wenger backpack with many, many pockets

– Passport

– Pencil and paper

– Debit card

– If they were legal: brass knuckles and a switchblade

In total it weighs around a dozen kilos and fits into a small travel pack. And it’s all you need.

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