Riots? Blame New Labour

Walking around Deptford last night, I felt the troubles hit some some of tipping point around 2am; tonight I expect them to start fizzling. (Partly because there’s only a finite number of Currys and JD Sports left to loot.) It’s been an interesting week so far. But what caused it?

There’s been a lot of talk over what really caused the riots spreading across London. Blame poverty, blame race, blame lack of male role models, blame the Met’s appalling PR after the trigger event. (At least it seems the guy was, indeed, carrying a gun.) But for me, the attitudes of today that led to this week’s rioting have one core driver: the 13 years of New Labour government.

It was Blair, after all, who coasted in on a promise of “We’ll take care of you.” And Brown who hosed billions at the public sector as it added today’s millions-strong hordes dependent on the public purse. New Labour was all about giving a man a fish – never teaching him to fish for himself.

And that’s why it’s all New Labour’s fault. It created a class of people with no sense of ownership in society; people who think everyone else owes them a living. The looters are one example – but they share space with striking unions (like the one led by Bob Crow, whose Tube chaos has cost Britain about £500m so far) and the pension-guzzling parasites of the public sector, who can’t understand why we don’t all support their bid to keep their pensions three times as generous as anyone else’s.

Under New Labour, these people were made to feel special. To feel that drawing your income from the State was somehow more admirable than being a wealth creator. (It is, at best, its equal – never its better.) And on the back of these views arose a complete contempt for the private sector. Blair and Brown’s disdain for those who create the wealth of nations – as opposed to those who merely spend it – was near-total. Private business, under any Labour administration, is simply an ATM dispensing limitless green notes to fund the socialist dream.

Well, where has it got you, socialist scum?

The Big Lie of the Left – an unwillingness to comprehend that wealth must be created before it can be spent –  has led to millions taking to the streets, in demos, strikes, and riots. All trying desperately to ignore that fundamental truth. The account New Labour wrote its cheques from went so far into the red that the UK now pays a billion pounds a week in interest on it.

And the rioters are wrapped up in the same mistaken belief Blair and Brown were. Partying against the darkness, trying to ignore what’s in plain view.

The next few years are going to be hard. And I doubt this week’s flare-ups will be the last. But we need to return British society to where it once stood – a land of fundamental rights balanced with fundamental responsibilities. Where there’s an understanding that the person most capable of changing your future for the better is the one in the mirror.

For years, people like me at least gave the Labour rabble a chance; lefties make better constituency MPs, after all, because that’s a job well suited to little thinkers. But we were wrong; we should have been clamping their thick skulls in vicegrips until they understood. Because they were – as always – just plain wrong. And now the gloves have to come off. People must be made to understand.

We will hurt you, Labour voters. And we are not sorry. There’s simply no other way.

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