Public sector parasites: BRING IT

All right, you public sector fuckers. This is war.

We of the private sector have. had. ENOUGH.

You cannot be permitted to go further. You may not be permitted to cost our country more than you already have, during the years of Labour rule. And the time for negotiation is over.

So, Public Sector workers: Go ahead and strike.

Strike all you want. Strike again, and again, and again.


Because the British taxpayers who DON’T work for the public sector – and there are, despite years of New Labour mismanagement, still some of us left – have run out of patience. Of your endless demands on a public purse that failed to execute an end-run around economic reality. Of your endless bleating about “Fairness” and “Equality”. (Fairness and equality always seem to mean the public sector getting far, far better pay and benefits than anyone in the private sector.) Of your utter refusal to accept – ever – that you might, just might, have to make some sacrifices along with the rest of us.

What’s truly amazing is how poorly you understand that the mood of the country – this time round – isn’t with you. This ain’t 1981, folks. There are a lot of you, thanks to New Labour’s phenomenal expansion of unaffordable nonjobs 1997-2010, but you’re not as strong as you like to think, and we were better to start with. And you’re nowhere near as necessary as us.

We create the wealth of nations; you just spend it.(Definition of a Socialist: someone who’s really genorous with someone else’s money.) Work out who’s actually more vital to the economy here, you scum-sucking lowballers.

This is it. I’m calling your bluff. Go ahead and strike, you fuckers. Go ahead and strike. I’m ready for you. With a baseball bat. With nails in it.

Really BIG fucking nails.

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