Churchill: greatest Briton of all

Spent some time today at Blenheim Palace, birthplace (the actual birthing room) of Winston Churchill, perhaps the greatest of all Britons. I’m not sure Churchill ever cared much what anyone thought of him: he only cared about doing the right thing .  I reflected on what utter pygmies today’s politicians – even the well-meaning ones like David Cameron and Nick Clegg – are by comparison.

What really annoys me, though, is the way extremist parties in the cloak of “Britishness” have appropriated his image (and that of the Union Jack and Spitfire) to bolster their own views. Churchill wasn’t for white or black, you ignorant little fuckers: he was for something good (fair play and good humour) over something bad (dictatorship and . And not one of you is fit to lick the soles of his shoes. Fortunately, he’s a lot bigger than you’ll ever be.