Why I’m voting NO to AV

The UK doesn’t have many referendums, so today’s poll on the Alternate Voting system is a rarity. In AV, you can vote for more than one party in order of your preferences and if no party gets a clear majority second-preferences are “distributed” again and again until someone does.

I just voted NO to it, and hope you did, too.

Not because it favours a party I happen not to support (the liberals) but simply because it’s COMPLEX. And complexity is something we have enough of in Britain today.

First-Past-The-Post (the system we have now) may be brutal – there’s a clear winner and loser – but it’s simple. Votes are tallied and the person with the most votes wins. With any form of AV, multiple rounds of counting mean countless opportunities to “game the system”…. and creating any opportunity to game any system is a bad thing. Particularly when that system is paid for out of our taxes.

Democracy is messy enough without complicating it further. The AV system would seek to deny that in politics, as in life, there are winners and losers; AV supporters believe even smaller parties should get a “fair chance” – “fair” here meaning “staying in the race after another party got more votes.” AV is a fudge factor. A kludge. A hack. It’s not “fairer”, nor is it more “democratic”

AV is “the stupidest, the least scientific and the most unreal” voting system…. where elections are “determined by the most worthless votes given for the most worthless candidates“. That quote came from the greatest Prime Minister ever – Winston Churchill. I agree.

One thought on “Why I’m voting NO to AV

  1. With all the votes counted, the NO vote indeed won – by a landslide, winning over 60% of votes cast. The British people have comprehensively rejected AV in favour of the simple First-Past-The-Post system we’ve used without problems for many decades. Let’s hope this result kicks AV and PR chatter into the long grass for another generation or so.

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