And Dunkirk spirit died a little more

People warned off from clearing the snow outside their homes. A murdered man is criticised for chasing thieves who then stabbed him. And a musician gets a warning for scaring off intruders.

It’s obvious what’s happening here: Britain’s nannying Police State gets really, really worried when it hears about people fending for themselves. All these puffed-up functionaries in our bloated public sector – all desperate to demonstrate their little bit of power is really, really important and you should really take notice of them – are driving Wussy Britain ever-deeper into the morass of mediocrity and blame culture that’s characterised New Labour’s time in power.

It’s the basic subtext of any Labour government: We Are The Only Ones Who Can Help. We, the State, will protect you; we will define your rights; we will look after you. You have no responsibilities except to us. In return, we only ask that you give up every last detail of your private life, that you abrogate any right to decide your own destiny to us. For you, people of Britain, understand that your neighbour is not your friend, every hedge contains a pervert and every action carries legal consequences. There is Us. Only. Us.

Where’s the punishment? Where’s the deterrent? Where’s the acknowledgement that the bagsnatchers and burglars might, just, have second thoughts about doing it again? That’s what these stories are about. Dunkirk spirit, and how the UK State discourages it.

And to the health & safety idiots, misguided cops, and owlish government ‘advisors’: grow a pair.

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