Britain today: a nation of wusses

Whatever happened to Dunkirk spirit?

Ok, there’s snow across a large part of the UK. In some places it’s over a foot deep.

But most people are over a foot tall. And it seems millions aren’t capable even of lifting their feet.

Trains have shut down. Roads are closed. People are battening down the hatches. What worries me is that so many millions of them – my countrymen, the people who’ve faced down massed armies, built great institutions, and became a major world power through sheer vitality of spirit – don’t even make the effort any more.

Anaesthetised by a decade-plus of socialist rule, the British have gone the way of the Italians and French: thinking the answer to all their problems lies somewhere else and should be solved by the State. Nobody provisions his own requirements any more. Nobody has the self-respect and sense of personal dignity to simply fend for himself.

Britain today. A nation of whiney, namby-pamby, moaning lightweights. And it’s all your fault, Blair and Brown. If you hadn’t made people believe that government should be their first port of call rather than the lowest safety net… if you hadn’t encouraged this risk-averse, sue-everybody, compensation-claim culture, where problems are legislated against rather than solved and risk is eliminated rather than managed… then we’d have a people I’d actually feel proud of. But we don’t. Sheesh.

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