Yet more creationists given space in the media

I dislike Richard Dawkins methods for dealing with the fairytales of religion: he tries to argue against creationists with reason and intellect, and of course religionistas and the ID brigade are by definition neither reasonable nor logical. Why wrestle with a pig? (You get dirty and he enjoys it.) Meeting them in the media plays to their strengths: the god squad use the tactics of the lawyer, the loophole and the procedural technicality, not science.

And precisely for that reason – it makes controversial copy – the UK’s national newspapers see fit to give pagespace to deluded fools. Today’s exhibit: this bit of Intelligent Design claptrap in The Guardian.

The author neatly demonstrates ALL the faults with creationists: they’re just so fucking thick. You could fairly sum up this article (one of the commenters does) as “Oooh! That looks complicated! A god must’ve done it!”

I understand religion, and have no problem with it. Life is hard, and it’d be really comforting to think some Big Guy is above the clouds looking out for us. And shared beliefs, however factually incorrect, allowed civil society to form and civilisations to get traction. There’s nothing wrong with believing in myths, as long as you understand that they’re only there to satisfy your need for comfort.

The “best” religionists understand this, and don’t allow themselves to be drawn into an argument about how things really happened. For them, it’s enough simply to say “I believe”. Which is fine by me.

But idiots like the ID rabble are too feeble-minded for that. Their educationally underdeveloped brains don’t have the wattage to be comfortable in their own convictions; everyone else must take their beliefs seriously, so they come up with subterfuge and twaddle. And this guy was a science teacher? A schools inspector? Hardly surprising the UK’s education system is such a cesspool if the decent teachers have to contend with guys like this telling them how to run things.

Just because someone has a right to speak doesn’t mean they need equal airspace with experts who’ve spent decades doing the hard work of actual research. Let the fools speak, if they wish. But don’t give them a national platform.

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