With free texts for life I’d SAVE LESS THAN £5 A MONTH, so stop making such a big deal out of it

It’s not getting worse, it’s just not getting any better. I’ve just seen the latest ad in a mobile phone company’s excruciating attempts to be down with the kids.

“I’d text everyone I’ve ever met and throw a big party”? What the FUCK? “People I didn’t like enough to even spend the 5p or so on a text message before are going to come to a party thrown by me because I’m so fucking special“.

Like the “Superbands” one before it, it’s painful to read: a demographic-obsessed marketing department executive (I’d bet money this is client, not agency) ends up sounding like a parody of the self-obsessed teenager she imagines her audience to be. And once again, an ad ends up sounding quite mind-numbingly awful. At least the choice of media is appropriate, although ideally this ad would be pasted on the inside.

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