Aaargh! They’re going to lose us the election!

Stop, Conservative Conference attendees, you’re getting it all wrong!!!

The speeches yesterday were truly aaarghworthy.

1. New jobs not attracting National Insurance costs. First, what exactly is a ‘newly created job?’ One that becomes empty and you have to fill, or a new job role? This will be ‘gamed’ by companies renaming empty roles to take advantage of the NI cut. And of course this whole thing creates additional complexity and administration costs across the board. AAAAARGH.

2. Tearing up the Human Rights Act. It’s far from perfect, but it’s far too late for a ‘British Bill of Rights’; life’s a lot more complex these days and it doesn’t allow simple constitutions or declarations any more. (A flaw of democracy.) And this’d give more mettle to the Tory anti-Europe, who are going to be Cameron’s biggest problem anyway. AAAARGHH.

3. Getting tough on benefits. This absolutely needs to be done, but not DURING THE PARTY CONFERENCE, idiots! I mean, the weak and the workshy are PRECISELY the group mostly strongly attached to Labour; if only a small percentage of them swing at the election, we’ve won. Everyone knows the public finances are going to be savagely trammelled due to a decade of New Labour profligacy. But don’t fucking talk about it on stage! DOUBLE AAAARGHHH.

Or is this a tactic? – fed up with a century of cleaning up Labour messes when in government, have the Tories just given up?

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