"With free texts for life, I’d start a superband"

What the FUCK does the bus ad by some random mobile phone provider MEAN? “With free texts for life, I’d start a superband”??? What the FUCK? How, exactly, does being able to text all day for nothing help you start a superband? And WHAT THE FUCK IS A SUPERBAND ANYWAY? A pop group where all the members wear their underpants outside their trousers?

I mean, if your ambition in life was to be in a band, shouldn’t you start by… I dunno, learning an instrument or something?

This ad can only be seen one way: yet another cringingly inept attempt by a phone company to look cool. I don’t even know which phone company it is, but I ALREADY hate them.

3 thoughts on “"With free texts for life, I’d start a superband"

  1. Hate this ad with a passion not experienced before. Saying, “I'd text all the musicians I know and start a superband”(that's the full version), is such a childish and naive thing to say for someone who appears to be at least 17 years old. Besides, texting all his musician mates would cost him about 50p so what's stopping him from widening his spectacularly narrow horizons without a lame financial incentive.
    Of course my hatred is actually directed at the company who had the temerity to foist this filth upon us. I love to meet the chump that came up with this line so I could punch them in the face.

  2. What annoyed me most was that something quite difficult and requiring effort (putting a band together) is being treated as something solvable by “our” technology. Infantile.

    However, don't blame the headline writer too much… I'm a copywriter and I've had clients demand changes in the past that completely puerilised meanings and concepts. I bet we'd find the copywriter behind this ad is as annoyed as we are.

  3. Totally meaningless pathetic drivel. T-Mobile are “trying” to be hip and failing by gigantic proportions. I also hate the pretend filming scenario. Soooooooo cheesy it stinks.

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