Tron and the comics

I’ve often wondered why conventions like ComicCon don’t interest me: after all the larger narratives beyond the fourth wall of fiction – the backstories, the fanfic, the nudges between producers across movies – are arguably as engaging as the creative work itself. Such details put comics and movies and television in context with its time. But somehow I’ve never felt like spending a weekend in the company of ‘true fans’. Maybe just because it’s a bit male-dominated.

That means, of course, that I’ve only just heard about the new TRON movie, which is going to be 2010’s “Watchmen”. Seen by many, disliked by some, not “got” by the majority.

The story’s apparently chronologically accurate: Jeff Bridge’s Kevin Flynn disappeared in the late 80s – a few years after proving his authorship of topselling video games by a somewhat unusual means – and people are still searching for him. It’s hardly a spoiler to realise he’s probably been back on the Game Grid all this time. And having his (adult) son go searching for him is a nice traditional narrative spine. Presumably the mother is Lora, although it seems Cindy Morgan’s not in the new film – pity, since the tension between Bridges (Lora’s ex) and Boxleitner (Lora’s current) added a bit of vinegar in the 80s original. (Hollywood has little time for women of 50+, of course.)

The film’s now in post, and looks to be one of the big summer movies of 2010. Roll on!

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