European elections: reverting to type

Several wannabe political parties were handing out leaflets outside the Tube this morning, and it’s amazing how you could tell which party they belonged to just by looking at them.

The short, thickset white guy with tatoos – that’d be BNP, then. The slightly loopy-looking faux-upper-crust woman in the suit – obviously UKIP. The hairy earth mother in sandals who probably knits her own muesli – that’s the Green.

There was also one slim young woman in shorts and T shirt whose party affiliation wasn’t clear… until I realised she was handing out membership offers for Gymbox.

If it gets the Daily Mail this mad it must be good

Soraya’s magazine is in the Daily Mail. (What is it about the Daily Mail and my blog this week?) Anything that gets the little Englanders this worked up has got to be worth reading. Well done that girl!

The bit that gave me a buzz, though, was this paragraph…

Singh writes her editorial in the form of a letter to a college friend. ‘If I look for us in magazines, films and on television, I won’t find us . . . there is only so much to be said about the state of women’s media before you have to sort the problem out yourself.’

… because when she was in research mode, the comment I made on her rushes was that she wasn’t writing as herself. ‘Herself’ is the only tone to take when she’s selling such an adventurous publication…. and the journalist has zeroed in on it. (At the end of the article, she does it again.) From the comments, she’s going to get a lot of attention. My invoice is in the post, Soraya…!