Underground drinking scene

I must be getting old: I’m certain my stepfather yesterday described this as ‘an underground tavern‘. (In mitigation, “The Gaping Gill” does sound like the kind of pleasant northern drinking establishment one might repair to after a long day’s potholing.) I’ve never been into spelunking, but hey, if there’s a pub at the end of it…

Rights carry responsibilities, Julie

Another effect of visiting the parents over the weekend: getting to read the really bonkers newspapers like The Mail!

The article’s actually pretty good, although a man couldn’t have written it: Liz Jones on how supposed feminist (and disgraced MP) Julie Kirkbride relapsed into poor-little-girl status in mitigation. Go Liz!

It’s an issue you see in offices, too: the most hobnailed hardassed women turn into simperingly wet straw-boater Laura Ashley lookalikes whenever they have to, y’know, actually deliver on some of the equal-rights responsibilities so many better women fought so hard to win. When are these fair-weather feminists going to realise they can’t have it both ways?