I hear the groans of Atlas shrugging

This is bad. This is really, really bad. Britain’s 2009 Budget is as bad as it gets.

It’s so bad I almost (almost) feel sorry for Alistair Darling, Britain’s hapless Chancellor of the Exchequer (Of course, ex-Chancellor Brown’s still pulling all the strings here.) But not quite. Faced with a a huge deficit, bloated public sector, gold-plated public sector benefits, an NHS with 70% cost wastage, and 2.1 million officially unemployed plus a million more able-bodied people faking incapacity, Darling has done the worst possible thing.

He’s borrowed yet more, at the worst possible moment cost-wise, in order to smooth over the pain for the weak and the workshy. Gorged and gushed on the public purse once again, turning Britain from the proud United Kingdom of the Thatcher (and even Major) years – with a budget surplus, sensible spending, and a public sector under control – into something resembling a third-world banana republic.

I hear the groans of Atlas shrugging.

Tax on the highest earners – already high even by overtaxed EU norms – is going up, reducing the incentive for the best and brightest to work hard. (At least £220 a month in extra tax if you earn over £100K – and anyone who thinks £220 doesn’t hurt is sadly deluded; it reduces a ton-up-takehomer’s monthly net income to 5196 from £5414, which hurts a LOT if you’re paying a London mortgage and have kids.)

And unbelievably, higher-rate tax relief on pension contributions – the only incentive left to save for your own retirement after Brown’s £5bn rape of pensions years back – is being ended. No easing up on business, no gratitude for those who build businesses. Just more of what Labour does: soak the better off, kiss the ass of the public sector, and give away the nation’s wealth to those least able to use it effectively.

I’ve always disliked Labour: a bunch of deluded clowns with that most dangerous of beliefs, the belief that they can Make You Better. (What’s the definition of a socialist? Somebody who’s really generous with other people’s money.) But now it’s turning into something visceral. Pure, unalloyed hatred.

I despise these fuckers for what they’ve done to my country. Spendthrift wastrels and fuzzy thinkers, who genuinely believe the appalling state of the public finances – and the British public’s ever-growing sense of entitlement, rather than self-help – is everyone’s fault but theirs.

The True Scum stalk this nation, and they’re destroying it.

6 thoughts on “I hear the groans of Atlas shrugging

  1. perhaps your argument should have alluded to the fact that the tax rates are already high because only in that light does an increase of 220 become significant.

  2. we are not talking about the average bloke here – this is more than 4 times the average income. Are you suggesting that those at the bottom of the pile should be bailing out the bankers?

  3. Oh yes, remind me of the glorious Thatcher years. Ridiculously high unemployment, selling off the national assets to rake in a fast buck, bypassing the parliamentary process in commissioning arms, attacking the Falklands to prove a point. It was fantastic. I graduated into 80% unemployment and managed to buck the trend. But you're right of course, it's far easier to blame those who aren't digeratii like ourselves. Because without a PC, no one here can hear you scream

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