Britain’s cops out of control: Part 2

Even by the (low) standards of the Metropolitan Police, this G20 thing is becoming a shambles. A death at police hands is worrying in any case, but the implications here are that after whacking a protester, the cops influenced the post-mortem to record that the protester’s subsequent death was from a heart condition, and not – as it now appears – abdominal bleeding. In other words, there’s now evidence that suggests the death was caused by the baton-wielding cop.

So: a post-mortem from which the Police Complaints Commission were barred, the result was beneficial to the police. In a second supervised post-mortem, the results were not. I wonder what standard of proof the police would need to charge all concerned, if they were capable of treating themselves with the disinterest they’re supposed to, instead of endless self-dealing and nods and winks?

This is more than the cops simply using powers beyond their remit. (Try taking a photo of a London cop and you’ll see what I mean. Powers granted to ‘prevent terrorism’ are being used, every day, on ordinary people simply to make life easier for the cops.)

Add this to other G20 incidents, like the chavster woman beaten to the ground and the now-regular reports of cops hiding their badge numbers so they can’t be so easily identified, and only one conclusion is possible: these guys just aren’t on our side any more. Look at Organisational Behaviour principles and it’s obvious why.

The endless box-ticking and target-setting of this Labour government have, over a decade or so, transformed the force from protectors of the public to agents of the state; they’re now rewarded according to box ticks, not good policing. If you’re rewarded on how many arrests you make, you’re going to go for the easy kills, arresting cheeky passersby and middle-class protestors rather than the harder targets. You’re going to let crime happen, giving you a bigger field to plow, rather than prevent crime in the first place. It’s just standard administrative control, and the police are now driven by it.

And it’s why millions of middle-class people without criminal records or, indeed, any real contact with the police – like me – nowadays simply cannot trust them.

Get a grip, Brown. (And Boris – it was Labour policy that created this mess, but it’s your problem.) The Met is out of control. GET A GRIP ON THEM.

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