Another teenager dies from stabbing… really?

Coverage of young males in the UK is appallingly biased: they’re either thugs, chavs, or drug dealers. Even a simple article of clothing – the hoodie – has become synonymous with feral teendom, when it’s actually a pretty sensible precaution against Britain’s ever-encroaching surveillance state.

The one exception to this rule is when a teenage male DIES. Which is hypocritical of the press, because with rare exceptions teen stabbing/shooting victims are hardly innocents themselves. I mean, the latest incident in Nottingham gives column inches to the mother talking about her ‘beautiful boy’…. who was stabbed while BURGLING SOMEONE’S HOUSE.

While I’m no liberal I accept there are shades of grey in stories like this: plenty of people have limited chances in life that make burglary (or stealing cars, or dealing drugs, or shootin’ folks) loom larger on the horizon than they would in a middle-income area with decent schools and job ops. But even so, it’d be nice to see the odd positive portrayal of a teenage male when the teen is still… living.

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