Things come in threes

The triangle is my favourite shape. It’s the only rigid geometric structure; its square is my favourite number, 9. And I realise that I feel a sense of satisfaction when some activity or other falls nicely into a three-sided shape.

The best activities are those which reinforce each other; if there are three components to that activity, it’s a ‘rigid reinforcement’, i.e. worth doing. Take skydiving, triathlon, and krav maga: the hardening-up of krav makes jumping out of a plane more fun, and the aerobic fitness of tri (itself a trio of activities) drives better performance in both while being strengthened itself by the flexibility of krav and skydiving. Three parts to it.

I’m not sure my whole life is organised around triangles, but sets of projects that divide neatly into threes or nines are predominant, like the three sets of three exercises I do most mornings or the three weights I repeat three times some evenings. It’s good for mind as well as body: technology/ media/ telecoms (TMT) sums up much of my work, and molecular biology/ theoretical physics/ supramolecular chemistry are the three areas of science I read about most. And obviously the threesome is the most enjoyable form of – whoa, let’s not go there.

Three-ness provides a sense of one-ness. I like threes.

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